Conference Presentations

Session Name Session Chair Paper Title Authors
C1. Rendering and Modelling Stefanie Zollmann (NZ) A Robust Feature-aware Sparse Mesh Representation Lizeth Joseline Fuentes Perez, Luciano Arnaldo Romero Calla, Anselmo Antunes Montenegro, Claudio Mura, and Renato Pajarola
Simple Simulation of Curved Folds Based on Ruling-aware Triangulation Kosuke Sasaki and Jun Mitani
Illumination Space: A Feature Space for Radiance Maps Andrew Chalmers, Todd Zickler, and Taehyun Rhee
Monocular 3D Fluid Volume Reconstruction Base on Multilayer External Force Guide Model Zhiyuan Su, Xiaoying Nie, Xukun Shen, and Yong Hu
An Energy-Conserving Hair Shading Model Based on Neural Style Transfer Zhi Qiao, Takashi Kanai
C2. Fast Rendering and Movement Dongjoon Kim (Korea) Fast and Lightweight Path Guiding Algorithm on GPU Juhyeon Kim, Young Min Kim
Real-Time Antialiased Area Lighting Using Multi-Scale Linearly Transformed Cosines Chengzhi Tao, Jie Guo, Chen Gong, Beibei Wang, Yanwen Guo
CSLF: Cube Surface Light Field and Its Sampling, Compression, Real-Time Rendering Xiaofei Ai, Yigang Wang, Simin Kou
Maximum-Clearance Planar Motion Planning Based on Highly Efficient Construction of Minkowski Sums and Voronoi Diagrams Mingyu Jung, Myung-Soo Kim
Human Motion Synthesis and Control via Contextual Manifold Embedding Rui Zeng, Ju Dai, Junxuan Bai, Junjun Pan, Hong Qin
C3. Neural Rendering and 3D models Burkhard Wuensche (NZ) Neural Proxy: Empowering Neural Volume Rendering for Animation Zackary P.T. Sin, Peter H.F. Ng, Hong Va Leong
Neural Screen Space Rendering of Direct Illumination Christian Suppan, Andrew Chalmers, Junhong Zhao, Alex Doronin, Taehyun Rhee
Art-directing Appearance using an Environment Map Latent Space Lohit Petikam, Andrew Chalmers, Ken Anjyo, Taehyun Rhee
3D-CariNet: End-to-end 3D Caricature Generation from Natural Face Images with Differentiable Renderer Meijia Huang, Ju Dai, Junjun Pan, junxuan Bai, Hong Qin
SM-NET: Reconstructing 3D Structured Mesh Models from Single Real-World Image Yue Yu, Ying Li, Jing-Yu Zhang, and Yue Yang
C4. Works In Progress and Posters Makoto Okabe (Japan) (WIP) Cloud-Assisted Hybrid Rendering for Thin-Client Games and VR Applications Tan Yu Wei, Louiz Kim-Chan, Anthony Halim, Anand Bhojan
(WIP)View-Dependent Impostors for Architectural Shape Grammars Chao Jia, Moritz Roth, Bernhard Kerbl, Michael Wimmer
(WIP)Temporally Stable Content-Adaptive and Spatio-Temporal Shading Rate Assignment for Real-Time Applications Stefan Stappen, Johannes Unterguggenberger, Bernhard Kerbl, Michael Wimmer
(Poster) Peripheral vision in simulated driving: comparing CAVE and head-mounted display Tana Tanoi, Neil Dodgson
(Poster) SDALIE-GAN: Structure and Detail Aware GAN for Low-lightImage Enhancement Youxin Pang, Mengke Yuan, Yuchun Chang, Dongming Yan
(Poster) User-centred Depth Estimation Benchmarking for VR Content Creation from Single Images Anthony Dickson, Stefanie Zollmann, Alistair Knott
(Poster) Volumetric Video Streaming Data Reduction Method Using Front-mesh 3D Data Xiaotian Zhao, Takafumi Okuyama
C5. Image processing and synthesis Sung-Hee Lee (Korea) Constraint Synthesis for Parametric CAD Aman Mathur, Damien Zufferey
Hierarchical Link and Code: Efficient Similarity Search for Billion-Scale Image Sets Kaixiang Yang, Hongya Wang, Ming Du, Zhizheng Wang, Zongyuan Tan, Yingyuan Xiao
Real-time Content Projection onto a Tunnel from a Moving Subway Train Jaedong Kim, Haegwang Eom, Jihwan Kim, Younghui Kim, Junyong Noh
GANST: Gradient-aware Arbitrary Neural Style Transfer Haichao Zhu
Siggraph Asia 2021 Tokyo