Video Submission

All authors must submit a pre-recorded video of their presentation. You are encouraged to include a caption file. We encourage all speakers to present live, but presenters have the option to use their recorded video.

Deadline to submit video and caption: Friday, 8th October 2021 (UTC 23:59).

Deadline to inform the committee you cannot present in real-time: Friday 15th October 2021 (UTC 23:59). Please email before this date. One author must attend the live Q&A session, even if a pre-recorded video is used for the presentation.


Uploading Files

Upload Link

Please remember to include your paper ID and your name in each file you upload. In the upload link, please include your given name and surname to help with file sorting.


Video Specifications

  • Format: MP4 format
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 with a minimum height of 720px
  • Duration: According to session (e.g., Full Paper – 15 minutes, Short Paper 12 minutes, Works In Progress – 10 minutes, Poster – 5 minutes)
  • Size: less than 200MB
  • Naming convention: “[PaperID]_[LastNameOfFirstAuthor].mp4” (e.g., “conf1234_Einstein.mp4”)

We recommend you record yourself and place your video in the corner on top of your slide presentation.

You can pick any tool that is convenient for you. One suggestion is to use PowerPoint:

We do not accept text-to-speech for your presentation videos.


Caption Specifications

  • Format: .srt or .sbv format
  • Naming convention: “[PaperID]_[LastNameOfFirstAuthor].srt” or “[PaperID]_[LastNameOfFirstAuthor].sbv”

We encourage authors to caption their videos for accessibility and intelligibility reasons. Captions can be created with the help of services like YouTube’s transcription and caption editor.

Using YouTube you can generate captions using these steps:

  • Upload your video.
  • Set the visibility to “Private” or “Unlisted”.
  • Set “Video Language” to English (found by clicking “show more” in the Details section)
  • Click the “Subtitles” button to open the subtitle editor.
  • The transcript will be automatically generated from the audio. Edit this transcript to correct transcription errors.
  • When finished, make sure you are in "Edit Timings" mode (rather than "Edit As text") and open the menu at the top-right of the transcript. Choose “Download subtitles” to download the caption file in SBV format.
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